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Join our interactive live classes for an in-studio experience!


The Sun Lotus Center is a wellness hub for a diverse population. We’re a community where Yogis can grow into better versions of themselves.

Yoga Classes

Fitness Classes


On-Demand Classes

Stream unlimited yoga and fitness classes from our online library. Purchase what you want to tailor your needs and schedule. Watch whenever and wherever you want.


Live Stream Classes

The Sun Lotus Center online yoga and fitness classes offer a wide range of opportunities to take a class and bring your practice to the next level. Check out our schedule and join us at the mat!


A Wide Variety of Yoga Styles and Teachers at Your Fingertips!

Level 1 – SUN26

A 90 minutes beginner level class consisting of 26 yoga postures and 2 breathing exercises.

Level 2 – SUN54

A 90 minute intermediate level class of 54 postures. This series includes postures from SUN26 with an additional 28 yoga postures.

Level 3 – SUN108

A 2 hour advance level class consisting of 84 postures, kriyas and pranayamas.

Lotus Sculpt

A 1-hour low-impact, high-repetition, high-intensity conditioning, and strengthening class.

Lotus Yin

A 1-hour restorative yoga class consisting of postures and techniques to release and restore the body’s connective tissue.

Lotus Flow

A 1-hour Slow flow hatha yoga class consisting of salutation series, warrior series and a therapeutic floor series.


A Few Quotes From Our Friends

Although we are isolated from each other in our separate Zoom boxes, we are joined as a community through Joseph and Carolina and their joyful, nurturing presence. Their classes have been a bright lifeline in these challenging times. Joseph and Carolina have found new ways to teach remotely that are actually intimate and intensive. We are inhabiting a new space together where Joseph can observe each of us more closely and offer each of us precise adjustments. Best of all is being in the presence of such a remarkable teacher who brings so much positive energy and wisdom. I am so grateful to be his student.

Richard E.

Carolina’s Lotus Sculpt classes are very challenging, upbeat, and fun! She has made working out from home extremely attainable and worthwhile. Carolina’s enthusiasm is infectious, and has led us through these unprecedented times with optimism and encouragement. I am excited to see how the Sun Lotus team continues to evolve and bring innovative, unique classes to keep us in the best shape both mentally and physically! Thank you guys!

Jaci Lewis

Thank you, Joseph, and Carolina for creating this amazing platform for people like me so I can continue to advance in my yoga practice with an exceptional mentor. After my home studio reopened when the COVID-19 lockdown was lifted in my town, I found myself always returning to your classes online. Your teaching has done wonders for my personal practice. Thank You.
The lessons are filled with in-depth content and real-time personal adjustments; nothing passes Joseph's hawk eyes. His immediate corrections are much welcomed and appreciated. 🙂 I have been to many studios and taken classes with many teachers, and Joseph leads superbly at a high level, something I haven't found often in other studios. I can't wait to participate in a live clinic with Joseph once the world comes back to normal.
Thank you and please don't stop!

Ofer Shaul

I discovered SunLotus in April. Since that day I have zoomed with Joseph Encinia almost every day. I have taken Hot yoga for 5 years, all around the world. No In person class could compare with these zoom classes. Joseph has an unbelievable ability to make every move in every position so clear. His corrections are fantastic. I hope to be able to practice with Joseph for many years to come.

Suzie Stein

SunLotus classes have saved the day! I am a bikram yoga teacher living in London so in theory should just get on with my yoga alone. I’ve never been disciplined enough to maintain a home practice and I love the interaction and learning opportunity a live class brings. I’d always wanted to take Joseph’s class as had heard wonderful things. Expectations exceeded. Classes are motivating, welcoming, super professional and you will learn something new every single time. Can’t say thank you enough!

Clancy M.

Joseph is a born-teacher. Thanks to Joseph, my practice has improved 200%! Before I started his online classes, I could not sit between my knees and forget about standing bow, standing head to knee... Not only can I do all the 26 poses now, but I understand how and why. Truth be told, I have learned more in six months online with Joseph than in a year of going to a studio!

Marie-Claire A.

Having Carolina teaching during this pandemic has been one of the things I look forward to! She is fully of positive energy as she puts us through her rigorous routine! Thank you Carolina for keeping me in shape !

Lori L.